Rewards Programs

We encourage everyone to participate in the game to the fullest of their ability. We will never ask of you more than you are willing or able to give. We also seek to reward that extra effort people put in to make the game better.

Footnotes: This is the “Premium Currency” of Chronicles. You gain them for donating time or items to the game. They are used to purchase misses Experience points, items for your character, or even admission to the game.

Standard NPC Program – You will play monsters, townsfolk, and other roles throughout the game. You may not play your standard character. You will earn 25 Footnotes at the end of each event. While encouraged, you do not need to sign up ahead of time. You may just show up and come let us know at Logistics.

Dedicated NPC Program – If you decide to join the Dedicated NPC Program, you will commit to NPCing for the entire season. You don’t have to attend every event, but you may not PC at all for that season. You will earn progressively higher rewards the more events you attend. You will earn 30 Footnotes +1 for each previous event you have attended. For example, you will earn 30 Footnotes for the first event, 31 for the second, 32 for the third, etc.

Build Days – Throughout the year, we host many “Build Days”. These are scheduled days that we try to gather as many people as we can to come help improve the site. This can include cleaning up the trails, setting up caves, or even organizing Logistics

Set Up/ Break Down – If you show up to the event early to help set up the game site or stay late after the event to help clean up, you will earn 1 bonus XP. If you do both, you gain an additional 10 Footnotes.

Preregister– If you register for the game at least one week in advance, you will earn 1 bonus XP. This includes letting us know you will be attending and paying for the event.

Post Event Write Up – If you send us a PEL form after an event, you will earn 1 XP that goes directly into your XP Bank. This form is located Here.

Experience Point (XP) Bank – This is a bank of XP that goes under your player profile. Whenever your character earns XP from attending an event, you may withdraw up to a matching amount from your bank and apply it to that character.